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Originally Posted by kyle747 View Post
It's hard to believe Canadian Hockey learned 'scientific' training FROM the Europeans - especially the Russians. Of course, they trained for endurance and we've adapted it for raw strength and the ability to survive a 100 game season. seems the young lad, like like many euro players doesn't quite understand that yet. He'll have to change his training habits if he wants to play consistent hockey over a long season. I would have thought he learned that after a full season in Bingo. What the hell were they teaching him last year ?

The guys from the prospect camp that will play in the NHL are the ones that absolutely could not be knocked off the puck, and I didn't think Alex was in that group at all (granted I only saw the 3 on 3). I hope he has the patience for another year in bingo so they can hopefully
beat some of the bad habits out of him and he can begin training properly - like 350 days a year.
Remember too that while an NHL player could potentially play 100 games, it seems most Euro and Russian leagues cap out around 56 I think? Even the new KHL, while its season stretches out almost as long as the NHL does - still is going to have only something like 50 games then a 16 team playoff. So they'll still be playing about half the games that you do in the NHL.

As a result, I'm sure that they don't need to get into shape as early as they do over here. The fact that there's less money over there too probably means in some cases, the guys are working a second job (similar to CFL players - you get guys on Grey Cup teams that are part or full-time teachers for example), and probably use training camp as a way to get back into shape (much like the guys in the older era NHL would do when you hear them interviewed these days).

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