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Are we comparing the job Delorme has done as a scout period, or what he's accomplished as the Canucks head scout? I'm not his biggest fan - not a fan at all actually - but Delorme has been the head scout since Aug 2000, which means that most of these selections we're looking at weren't his call. The 2000 draft disaster was headed by Mike Penny, as Delormes first draft would have been 2001.
Looking at the numbers since 2001 aren't great, but aren't terrible either.

By the previously posted rankings, since 2001

Europe 3/12 (5)
US College 4/8 (3)
WHL 0/5 (5)
OHL 0/3 (1)
QMJHL 2/7 (2)
Tier 2 1/4 (1)

Total 10/39 (17)

Yes, passing on Kopitar still pisses me off. I think they have been a few other questionable picks as well. But while he hasn't been spectacular, he has been solid. His first round picks have been Umberger, Kesler, Schneider, Bourdon, Grabner, White and Hodgson. While it's too soon to say on some of them, to this point there are zero busts. The only other picks Vancouver had in this time that were in the top 60 were Kolstov - by all accounts a solid player, Raymond, who seems to have potential, Grot, Bernier, Elligton and Sauve. It's too soon to tell on the last 2, which makes him 2/4 on 2nd round picks in my book. He's come up with Bieksa, McIver, Hansen, Edler and King in the later rounds, and who knows if our last few drafts will add to this list.

I know some will argue that Edler was all Gradin (somewhat justifiably so), but I'm trying to treat all picks made when he was in charge equally.

It's not his fault Burke pissed away Umberger and 2nd round picks. He wasn't in charge of the train wreck that was the Moose under Stan Smyl.

The scouts fired today come from 2 regions. First, Marois in Quebec since 2001.

Yann Sauve (08) -
Charles Antoine Messier (07) F
Luc Bourdon (05) S
Alex Vincente (05) F
Julien Ellis (04) -
Marc Andre Bernier (03) F
Francois Guenette (03) F
Marc Andre Roy (02) F
Jason King (01) S
Calling King a success is pushing it in my mind. The only other hit here was Bourdon who was a top 10 pick. Should we have selected someon else here? Yes, and I don't blame Marois for skipping Kopitar - but that would have left him 1/7, with the one being King. Good riddance*.

Then Dean, in the WHL (Sask).
Prabh Rai (08) -
Matt Clark (08) -
Taylor Ellington (07) -
Dan Gendur (07) -
Michael Grabner (06) -
Evan Fuller (06) F
David Schulz (04) F
Ty Morris (03) F
Mathew Hansen (03) F
Rob McVicar (02) F

Mayson Raymond (05) S
Kris Fredheim (05) F

This is one I'm not sure about, simply because of his region. He would see the WHL guys come through, but how often? Did he duck into the states to catch any games? Did he sneak over to Camrose to see Raymond? I'm going to leave the rest blank regarding Dean - see it as you wish.

I would like to say that I realize it's not just who you draft, it's who you don't draft. Skipping on Kopitar, not having an OHL scout to see Richards, not picking up on Bergeron. Our scouts have definetly been guilty of these and other offences and Delorme is in charge of this. Once again, I don't think the guy is a great scout - just not as bad as he's being made out to be.

*I'm actually not sure when Marois or Dean were hired. I'm going off the regions scouting record under Delorme. Feel free to correct me if someone else was in charge.

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