Thread: Luring Sundin?
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07-16-2008, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by BubblegumGang184434 View Post
Okay, I know this is probably a 1 in 1,000,000,000 chance that this happens. but do you guys/girls think that Mats is waiting to see how much Cap Space the Rangers have until he makes his final desicion? They have, what around 1 mil in cap space left. then they sign Sjo to around 700-800k contract then move one of there bottom six fowards to the minors (i think its going to be Rissmiller) and you have around 1.2-1.3 mil in cap space. Mats does have $100,000,000 in the bank right now, and the guy hasnt accepted the highest contract ever in the New-NHL.So my question is, do you think it is a possibility he would go for a $1.3 mil contract?
i dont want to sound like an ass but why would he give up 10 mill from the nucks to 1.3 mill from the rangers. Sure they have alot better chance to win the cup the the nucks but wouldnt he just go to another team that has a better chance then the rangers for that chance?

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