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07-17-2008, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
it pisses me off so much b/c people actually try to defend it by saying he has intangibles. W T F does that mean. Avery has intangibles and wasn't worth $4mil. in fact one could say that he was more valuable than Drury in the clutch this year and especially in the PO's. So drury is magically worth $7mil.

but he can take faceoffs well.... so can gomez, dubi, betts. and Drury was horrible last year's PO's when the faceoffs were important... dubi on the other hand was great.

he plays defense.... great so you pay $7 mil for a defensmen that happens to play forward.... kind of sounds like the opposite of Mark Streit if you ask me. If I wanted a $7 mil player that is known more for his defense than his offense I would sign a $7 mil defensemen.

Drury had a good PO's in 06-07 and cashed in from the Franchise who loves to hand out contracts that players don't deserve. he was never a $7mil player, never will be, and will never live up to his contract. throw on top of that the NMC and you have a signing that rivals valeri kamensky in horribleness.
Directionally I am with you on all of this.
Scott Nichol is a good face off man and a bargain at sub 1 million, has speed, abrasiveness Avery can only dream of.....So certainly we didn't pay Drury the big bucks for the F/Os.

I reckon Drury is a 2 way center who has proven record of coming good in the clutch.
Bar 1 game I don't think he has put up the numbers we expected. having played on 3 rd line certainly didn't help. He will most likely be a 2nd line center unless dubi becomes the Moose in his sophomore year.

My issue actually is with Gomez as our no 1 Center I reckon he is not and never will be! Compared to the other 1st line centers around the league he is simply not good enough. In terms of points gathered he is
21st in the league (I looked it up - Drury 28th)

guys like Ribeiro, Arnott, Jokinen were available. Scotty is not in the same league as Lecavalier, Thornton, Malkin, Spezza, etc. sorry to say!

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