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Name: E.J.

Age: 21

Location: Philly suburbs / Scranton for school

Favorite Team(s): Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, kinda Sixers
I also like the CHI Blackhawks, SJ Sharks, LA Kings, CAR Hurricanes, BOS Bruins, BOS Red Sox (at least more then the Yankees), BOS Celtics, SD Chargers

Most Hated Team(s): THE METS, ATL Braves, NY Rangers, NJ Devils, DAL Cowboys, NY Giants, PITT Penguins

Favorite Player(s): Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Claude Giroux, Kimmo Timonen, Braydon Coburn, Rod Brind'Amour, Peter Forsberg, Jeremy Roenick, Vincent LeCavalier, Alexander Ovechkin, Tim Thomas, Jonathon Toews

Most Hated Player(s): Jaromir Jagr, Martin Brodeur

NHL08 Top Line: Gagne - Richards - Briere
Timonen - Coburn

NHL09 Top Line: same

Team: I can't even skate, but wish I learned how to when I was younger. If I had more time I might give it a try soon.
I played Basketball in school and with my friends.
I played Little League, Intramural Softball at college, and Rec League Softball at my summer job and I love the game of baseball.

Position: I'm 6'6 and strong, so I would probably play Defense.
I play Center in Basketball. period.
I play 1st Base primarily (I got a very good reach, and I am a big target to throw to) or a combination of OF and 3rd base in Little League thru to rec league softball.

Flyers fan since: My whole life. I didn't watch sports much as a kid since pop wasn't that into it, but he always left the Phillies/Flyers/Eagles game on during dinner or something if he found the games while channel surfing. Once I was old enough to read I made sure to alert Dad to the dates and times of all philly games (except Basketball, I always found it really boring to watch other people play Basketball, tho I enjoy shooting hoops myself)

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