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07-17-2008, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
My figure came from the CATO Institute:

Over the next 10 years, projections suggest that Romney- Care will cost about $2 billion more than was budgeted.
Yeah, exactly... "Budgeted" not "expected".

Sort of like when the government budgets for some new military plane. They always have a budgeted figure, then they have the real, cost overrun figure.

I wasn't saying you were wrong, I was agreeing. But saying that only the most gullible citizen or politician would have believed the cost projections for Romney care. Or any government run health care proposals, for that matter. The true costs of Bush's medicare expansion are turning out to be much higher than the laughable figures quoted when the bill passed also.

Gee, I think Tenncare had some sizable overrun from the "predicted" costs. (In quotes as I doubt even those who produce government cost quotes actually believe them in the first place.) Who could have predicted that, heh.

Anyway, I'll bow out of this thread for good, and return to some hockey ones.

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