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Originally Posted by Badger Bob View Post
Well, first of all, let's set an example for the rest of the site. Try canning the comments about Eklund. It seems rather ironic for someone to ridicule his site, while continually visiting it. Besides, everything's already been said about him ad nauseum on the Trade Rumors board. Some of the fools, who never let up, are the same ones constantly posting their dippy proposals. At any rate, Ek just adds to what he hears. It doesn't mean that it's going to happen.
Here, here.

Originally Posted by flames89
I wouldn't have even mentioned his site but then I'd get a ton of people asking where I heard this. And if you mention his name without validating it with something like, "You know how Eklund is....", everyone jumps on you about his credability. But yes, I do check his site out at least once a day. Granted he's wrong a lot but it has a lot to do with his willingness to name names. He's also right a lot, or with the advantage of hindsite, at least close enough where you can see that he really was hearing something along the lines of what he said. Got to admire his dedication anyways.
What is this thread about then? You seem all over the place, stating that the Flames are one of the likely teams to land Schneider, then you criticize your source, then you roll your eyes at this source, then you ask if there's any validity to your source. Naturally you follow that up with a post that waxes admiration at the source you have apparently mocked.

This thread would have been better off if you just asked "What's Sutter up to?" then came up with some ideas or things you would've liked him to do. There wouldn't be this faux believability that most Eklund rumor threads try to display and it would be better for discussion. Not to mention the wild imaginings in your head, my head, any poster's head for that matter have more credibility than Eklund.

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