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06-11-2004, 06:29 AM
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Originally Posted by free0717
Minnesota wont trade there 1st round pick, its not there way, however I think the Kings may trade one of there picks and Pitt might want to trade back due to a lack of a transfer agreement with the IIHF.
I don't see how we can determine what exactly Minnesota's "way" is, considering they've only been in the league a few years. In an organization's infancy, it makes perfect sense to be totally unwilling to trade draft picks for immediate help. The organization is not yet built, and your team is not going to be particularly good even with the immediate help. But the Minnesota franchise is no longer in infancy, and they're reasonably close to being a contending team as their young players grow. I think they may be open to trading draft picks for immediate help. I also think that the fact they have not done this during their short history is no reason to think they would not do so now.

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