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06-11-2004, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
So basically you'd prefer the owners to get rich, rather than the players.
Originally Posted by ObeySteve
Uh, the NBA has the best system of the 4 sports. No franchise is having any real financial problems, while teams don't get penalized for being successful and dynasties can still exist in the NBA. .

The NBA's salary structure screws the owners. It sticks them with ridiculous contract that they canít get out of. Sure the owners agreed to the contracts but the money is guaranteed and a lot of the players slack off until it is contract renewal time. Then, they ask for twice as much and drive up the cost for even an average players. All leagues should be run by the owners (i.e. NFL) The owners bought the franchises and should run them as they see fit, within reason. A $35 mil hard cap is absurd but some kind of hard cap it is the best way to control salaries. I will say it again, tax caps do not work.

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