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07-18-2008, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue94 View Post
just got back from the midnight showing and let me just say heath ledger's character absolutely made this movie. as good as jack nicholson was in the old movie playing the joker, his character had more of a funny undertone to it throughout the movie. ledger was unbelievably cryptic and cynical. just a heads up; this is a long film but worth it w allot of interesting turns, but i just cant get over how good ledger was in this move, single handedly turning a good film to great.

i think the aura around him in the movie, and the way he performed it certainly may have contributed to his death bc this was certainly a role that would stick w an actor just as jack nickolson warned him it might.

if you get a chance go see it
no joke, I'm dating the author of that esquire piece. It's OT and irrelevent, just wanted to blurt it out (tom cruise style) after reading that first reply first thing in the morning. Seeing the movie tonight, with her actually....."it's all part of the plan."

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