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06-11-2004, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Stich
It's far from irrelevent.

When the GM of the team comes out and says that Chris Pronger will be qualified and that the future of the team will be built around him any rumor after that is, well, stupid.

When Chris Pronger comes out himself and says that he's willing to stay with the team through a rebuilding process, it becomes even more obvious that he's not going anywhere.

Not sure I agree here.

The Blues are certainly going to say anything that doesn't weaken their position to acheive whatever it is that they want. If they wanted to trade him, they certainly wouldn't be going on record saying they didn't want to qualify him or everyone would just wait and see.

Also, if they want to move some $$$ Iwould agree that they will try to move other players first but what if they can't? Then they may have to come back to Pronger. (under the assumption that they need to move $$$$, which I'm not sure is accurate) If they loose him the need compensation back, so they will need to have him under contract so they don't loose him to FA, and by saying that they intend to build around him they are upping the price for him should they need to move him.

So my point is, just because the Blues say they intend to qualify him and build around him, doesn't necessarily mean they will absolutely keep him.

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