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07-18-2008, 03:39 PM
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As for La Haine it's been awhile but how I remember it it's an amazing movie, really illustrates life in France's ghettos and a great storyline.

Banlieu 13 is *kinda* the same thing, it takes place in a Paris Ghetton in 2010 and it's about an undercover cops that infiltrates a gang street. There's a lot of humour in it and I think it's more for the 18-25 crowd but still a very good movie nonetheless. Worth checking out for sure. Start with the other two though.
I can't believe you just compared ''La Haine'' to ''Banlieu 13''..
La Haine is the best movie ever made representing ''les citées'' in France, a drama.
Banlieu 13 is a complete crappy FICTIONAL movie set in the future about this ''rebel'' seeking revenge after his sister is being held hostage, with an exaggeration of the type of living conditions similar in the ''Favelas'' of Brazil . A typical action movie.

La Haine is a masterpiece, Banlieu 13 is a piece of crap.

Two completely different movies.

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