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Originally Posted by BroadwayStorm View Post
Yes I am correct. Bertuzzi took 6 seasons to get a 50 point season, and add two more years to get 85 and 1 more to get 97 before slowly decreasing in production again. But boy was he good when he was good. These power forwards are like basketball big men or good offensive linemen. They may take a while but when they blossom watch out.

It took Tomas Holmstrom 6 seasons to just reach 40 points. But the guy is indispensable to the Wings offense. He puts in the garbage goals. We don't have anyone on our team that can do that besides Drury. His best season he scored 59 playing in the top line after the lockout. It took him 10 seasons of pro hockey to due so.

Those are two examples. I can't think of another big guy right now. But let's look at Dustin Penner who seems to have erupted as soon as he entered the NHL. Or did he?

Penner had one good season by college hockey standards and jumped to pros. He dominated the AHL for one year scoring 84 points. He scored 45 in his first pro season only for the Oilers to give him a ridiculous offer sheet he was not worth and he scored 47 for them. I predict the same year in year out until he breaks out later in his career like most power forwards do.

The thing is, I feel Jessiman still has that kind of potential. He just focused on throwing the body too much instead of scoring. Plus, I don't think Hartford has had a real good feeding center until Anisimov last year. What I mean by that is an assister which these huge guys need since most of them can't skate. Some would argue Jarko Immonen was that guy but I don't think so. He was more an offensive two way center with slow feet.

I can't think of any other power forwards worth a damn in this league. I mean there's Nash, but he was the first overall pick. Does anyone consider Eric Cole a PF? Even then as good as he is he is brittle because of his peddle to the metal style. I really can't think of another really good power forward. The guy from Dallas Brendan Morrow is I don't consider a PF even though some do, he's too small.

All of the players you mentioned were NHLers by the age of 23 and Bert scored 18 goals as a 20 year old in the NHL. Jessiman is a marginal minor league player who at 24 scored his career high of 18 goals last year in the AHL.

Face it he's a bust; he'll be 25 this year and he has shown zero to even coming close to an NHL rink.

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