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Originally Posted by jas View Post
I have to be honest...I just do not understand this argument. If somehow he played next to Naslund, and put up points, would that turn the question to, "I'd like to see him produce without offensive wingers"?

And, also, I really start to question whether the Dubinsky critics actually watched what this kid did on the ice last year? How only Gomez was better than him carrying the puck from the defensive zone, and then gaining the opposing blueline ? How he showed enough strength down low, to battle defenders and score goals? Or how well his puck-handling skills were, especially on the goals against Atlanta and Carolina, where he made jaw-dropping dekes to score.

I mean, if the idea is that Dubinsky can play well next to an offensive-minded player, wouldn't you want that to continue, and put him next to more offensive-minded players?

I really think people haven't looked close enough at how good Dubinsky already is, and knowing how hard the kid works, how good he really could become. There were plenty of people who thought he needed another year at Hartford, and needed to work on his skating. Well, his stride was much smoother last year, and not only was he on the roster the whole year, by year's end, only Jagr, Gomez and possibly Drury were as important a forward as Dubinsky. Over-rated? Not even close.
Well considering that Naslund's numbers have been in steady decline over the last 3-4 years, I'd say that if Dubinsky played with Naslund and got his (Naslund's) numbers back to the 70+ point area I'd have to credit Dubinsky with that. It would also indicate a higher point total for Brandon.

I watched what Brandon was doing and don't think for one second that I don't see a good player, I just don't see a 2nd line center. A hard worker do doubt, but playing with Jagr opens up the ice a great deal for his linemates and I believe that Brandon took great advantage of that.

All I'm saying to Brandon is, show me I'm wrong and I'll be the first to admit it.

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