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07-20-2008, 11:40 PM
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Potential YES

Roster spot for the past 2 years NOOOO

Now we have no choice even if we wanted to send him down!! and we do.
What bothers us is that he's been given an apparent free ride to an NHL roster spot, and not been held up to the same standards as say... CHIPCHURA.

Is it his fault NO, but unfortunately it's him so he wears it.

Just imagine how good this guy would be if he had spent as much time in Hamilton as some of our other prospects. But no...

So what are we to think about why he warranted such preferential treatment?

Was it because he electrified us game in game out with his intensity...
Maybe he plays a specific role no one else can (power forward) nope
Perhaps he's far more mature than his years and is good in the room and being groomed for leadership

I've seen no indication from his on ice play that he is any different (better) than our other prospects. This leaves me with the one and only reason I can think of that he stayed with the team .... francophone pressure ...

I hope he becomes all that he could but realistically... come on... a 2nd rounder ... makes the jump from junior and STAYS without the game to back it up .... IT STINKS ... and all the other prospects probably think it stinks too.

So what the best route for this guy, so he doesn't turn into Turner Stevenson or worse end up traded and turning into LeClair

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