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07-21-2008, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by IcE ColD View Post
'Cuz it itches, and it's summer and it's TOO DAMN HOT to grow one... no?
Yeah, but it bugs my wife. I made a bet with myself that when I told her that I was growing it because Ken was, I'd immediately shave if she said, 'if Ken jumped off a bridge would you ?' I'd find that funny and that was my inner deal. She just shook her head, so, I let it grow.

Ken said that he hoped that if he did jump off a bridge, I would too, just out of loyalty, whigh I guess I would feel obligated to do. Long time friends and all.

We agreed that it would be a good last laugh having everyone wonder why Mike & Ken jumped off a bridge.

Personally, I'd hope that he'd choose one of those little covered bridges you see around here over the Rasin River, and avoid Pont Jacques Cartier, but who knows.

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