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07-21-2008, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Yeah, but it bugs my wife. I made a bet with myself that when I told her that I was growing it because Ken was, I'd immediately shave if she said, 'if Ken jumped off a bridge would you ?' I'd find that funny and that was my inner deal. She just shook her head, so, I let it grow.

Ken said that he hoped that if he did jump off a bridge, I would too, just out of loyalty, whigh I guess I would feel obligated to do. Long time friends and all.

We agreed that it would be a good last laugh having everyone wonder why Mike & Ken jumped off a bridge.

Personally, I'd hope that he'd choose one of those little covered bridges you see around here over the Rasin River, and avoid Pont Jacques Cartier, but who knows.
Well, jumping off that bridge (PJC) would require a lot of athletic skills nowadays with those metal fences... I just wonder why people never thought of actually jump ON the bridge. With all those cars, it's tough to miss your shot... and if you really want to end with a bang, well, that's maybe the best way. Meh.

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