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07-21-2008, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
My opinion is that it is between Montreal and Toronto and Sundin just doesn't want to give out any info so the ball is in his agents court at all times.

Personally I think Vancouver is his fall back plan. He knows he can sign abroad for around the same type of coin if Vancouver some how does blow all their cap space before he makes his decision, and he'd probably rather stay a leaf if he wanted to play for a bad team or go to a real contender like the habs.

1) Habs already made the best aquisition in the East this summer. (Tanguay)

2) Habs were already a 1st place team in the east and Sundin wants to play in the East preferably.

3) He wants to play for a serious contender, I honestly don't even think Vancouver will make the playoffs, with Sundin I think they would but in 6th to 8th place. With the habs he can win a cup now, with TO he can stay with the team that he has been with for like 13 seasons.

I just don't see him signing in Vancouver. I think Vancouver is going to get the short end of the stick here cause I think he'd go to TO before VAN, both are hardly contenders without him so he'd prolly just stick to the team he's compfortable with if he can't go on a team that is a serious contender from the East. (Detroit might be in the western conference but they are really close to TO and though I doubt they have the cap room, they could make a move or get him to take a paycut for a serious shot at the cup)

Vancouver has nothing to offer but $.

A) They're a western team, Sundin wants to play in the East.
B) They're only really offering him 2$million a season more then anyone else who has made offers to him, except one of those teams is his team, the other is a serious contender.

imo what will happen, all the good ufas get sucked up, van gets stuck with 10 million in space cause Sundin doesn't sign there in the end, personally I think Toronto has more of a shot then Van does, they just aren't a strong enough team to merit him signing there, they don't have the proven chemistry MTL does, they just signed Demitra and expect him to play well with their current roster which sucked to begin with. I just don't c any reason other than $ sundin would sign there, and even then he can make that type of coin outside the NHL if he wanted to play for a non-contender
An honest question, and I know Bergy is not really an acquisition per se, but -

Would you rather have Tanguay or Bergeron?

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