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Originally Posted by IcE ColD View Post
What's fun is that you can tie them into a little bow in the back of your head when they're really too long. So cute.
So what? I can do that with my beard!

Top 5 reasons to grow a beard:

1. Warm winters (if they are long enough, they can be used as earmuffs too!)
2. Look wiser (Dumbledore, Gandalf, and other great men like for example me)
3. No morning shaving (though I wouldn't know).
4. Leftovers (in case you are stuck in a desert or the bathroom or something)
5. Hiding spot (it is a known fact that Jews in 1940's Germany used to hide their children in their beards, which is why there are so many concentration camp survivors still alive today).

Also, you can do so MANY things with beards. You can tie them in a bow, put dreadlocks on them, make several mohawks going across your face so you look like one a powertool from the back of my shed. You can color them white, blue, and to impress someone (like a girlfriend or wife for her birthday) you can light it on fire.

They are so much fun my sister is even growing one.

Johan Sedin, the third Sedin triplet, isn't.

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