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Originally Posted by squishy View Post
I've watched the kids in Hartford, I know what we have there, and no one will convince me that we don't have home-grown talent that can fill the roles that Sjostrom, Rissmiller, Vorros, and Fritsche will fill this season.
Why are you assuming that the kids WON'T play over the likes of Rissmiller, Sjostrom, Voros and Fritsche? Rissmiller adds little to the team other than size, and that he doesn't use all that well from what I've read. I see no reason why Byers can't beat him out for a spot. Korpikoski could win a spot over Prucha, Sjostrom, Voros or Fritsche.

But the Rangers aren't going to just hand a spot to a prospect. The player has to earn it. If they are the better player, they will play. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Do you really expect the Rangers to bring 20 NHL players and 3 kids to camp every year? What if they do that and the kids aren't ready?

The roster today does not equal the roster on opening night, and that does not equal the roster at the trade deadline. It's always a work in progress. Just because we have extra players doesn't mean there's no room for the kids, now or during the year. If they are the better player, room will be made.

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