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Originally Posted by 2nd Round Pick View Post
The so and so says hi has got to be the most annoying saying on HF nowadays.

Players that are 21 or younger with regular roster spots:
Sergei Kostitsyn
Milan Lucic
Phil Kessel
Jack Johnson
Marc Staal
Brian Lee
Jordan Staal
M-E Vlasic
Eric Johnson

Stastny, Weber, Meszaros and Wolski just turned 22

Granted, some of these players are on a different level than Gui, but can we please stop calling him a kid. I swear, we're the only ones that use that as a factor to rating Gui's playing level. Why does it count for Gui and not for Sergei? Honestly, the guy is 21 and can drink anywhere in the United States and can be tried as an adult in court 3 years ago.
If you look around the league, the only players that are 21 and under are either playing for a weak team or they're just that good that they have to play in the NHL. Gui is in the bottom half of regular roster players in the NHL under 21.
Don't get me wrong (I have to say this every time or the 100 some odd 'yes' voters are going to flame me) I hope he turns into a terriffic player, I think another junior year would have done him well or at least some AHL time before it was too late.
oh yeah, all the Gui praise when he first started bothered me mostly because I didn't see what the praisers were seeing and it was a little overboard.
Agreed that there are alot of effective young players in the league. However, I don't think that should incite people to constantly whine and ***** about Gui for his shortcomings. I believe this happens because these complainers had this "french saviour" idea and they realize it's not going to happen.
How dare he not live up to other peoples expectations!

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