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07-21-2008, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I don't doubt the return - a second is nice - and I assume moving him created salary space, so they got that going for them. My only point was that the offense going into next season looks a lot like the one that just won and thought he may've been a positive to that, with Eli having more confidence and a running game that was starting to come together (although another differentiating factor may just be receivers who catch more balls than they drop).
Yes no more dropped balls please lol..........with a healthy steve smith in there he is going to be a big time slot reciever and also one day when toomer retires he will be their great possesion long as we lock up burress along with toomer and smith we should be fine and that kid boss looked good when he played.....offensive line will be back and we should be fine as long as Eli continues to get better....the bigger question is their defense...they lost 3 starters of their defense(Wilson, Strahan, Mitchell) But even with out starhan they still will have such a beastly d line that can still get to that quaterback.....i think Kiwinuka(however you spell it) will take strahans place opposite of Osi.....Tuck Cofild and Alford will be nice to rotate trhu the middle spots as well

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