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07-22-2008, 09:24 AM
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I think the Giants can be just as competitive as they were last year without Shockey. He is a presence on the field that forces other teams to monitor where he is at all times. The Giants showed they can win without him. Eli is maturing very well and if Boss can be productive, they'll be fine. They have a good corps of receivers and if they can get a running game that doesn't allow other teams to just sit back in coverage, they'll be fine....

However, being a New Orleans Saints fan, I am very excited about this trade. Shockey is going to take attention away from Marques Colston and the other receivers. This is going to open the field up for Drew Brees. He loved to play pitch and catch with Gates in San Diego and I can see a similar situation here with Shockey. Also, the added dimension of the passing game might open up the running game for McAllister and Bush.... Who do you focus on when you have McAllister in the backfield, Colston out wide, Shockey on the end and Bush in a slot... not to mention the 2nd receiver, whoever that ends up being. The Saints could have a very dangerous offense this year.

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