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07-22-2008, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by coolbean04 View Post
Am I the only one that found this movie overrated?

This movie still has me confused on what overall grade to give. I truly feel this move was WAY over hyped.

The action in the movie was amazing, I'll give you that. The Joker, Heath Ledger played one of the best characters you could ever see. Batman, also played the part well. His scratch voice did get annoying though, it's like he smoked one too many camels. He did that in the 1st movie though so that's expected.

So why the negativity?

The storyline was truly crap. The movie started off so strong and by the time you got to the ending, all you watched was a bunch of fluff. This was exactly like the second Pirates of the Caribbean. You have all this action going on and when the movie is over, it didn't accomplish anything. There's even parts in the movie that could've been done without it. For example, the Asian from Hong Kong. Was his part necessary?


These movies today that know they're going to make a lot of money take advantage of wasting people's time. They make a sequel to where the ending makes the movie pointless. So now we go to a 3rd movie with STILL a Joker and NOW possibly another villain in two-face. Seriously, did Joker have to live?

I just hate how a movie starts and finishes with a lot of action but yet no resolution to the story. That's the downfall to this movie.
im kinda confused... you claim you saw the movie yet you think two-face will be in the next film?

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