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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
Come on the Drury and Gomez signings reek of knee jerk reactions. We need a center, lets go get two instead. Like I said before we should have signed Jagr and Sundin to two year deals. Now we have a bonified #1 and #2 lines. Leave Drury on Gomez' wing on the second line. Hell if Dubi (or Ani) gets good enough by the end of this year or next year than we can even rid ourselves of one bad contract in gomez, while getting some assets in return. A complete win-win. And don't say it would make the Rangers look bad if we traded a guy we signed 2 or 3 years ago, b/c trades happen all the time. sometimes teams change, or prospects make players expendable.


is 100x better than what we have today. and if your willing to give Nazzy a 2yr deal than why not Jagr or Sundin. B/c Nazzy is almost as old and still isn't as good as either of them.
How were you planning on signing Sundin and Jagr to 7 mil contracts (which is what Jagr was looking for) when you can't defer salary to the following season?

Dubinsky, for all his talent, is not a suitable replacement for Gomez. I think he's tremendously overrated around here.

I'm not saying Naslund was a great signing, but I don't think he is a bad one either. If Jagr wanted to come back at 4 mil per year, then maybe I would have considered it. But he made it pretty clear that he wanted respect, and by respect he meant money.

and just because we needed a top pair dman it does not excuse Sather of overspending in money and years to get one. I would have rather gotten a minor upgrade on defense and left Staal and Rosy together in the hopes that Staal would develop fast.
It's not an excuse, you're right, but it wasn't Sather who dictated the Redden signing, it was the market. There is a reason that top-echelon players make more and more money every year and it's not because GM's just feel like paying more money for the hell of it.

I don't think Rozsival, despite his contract, is going to be here beyond next March.

I never mentioned any of these guys and i know that Cherry isn't coming over. Potter though I think could have been a #6 guy on this team though. Korps is ready to step into 3rd line. Byers is ready to step into 4th line. Ani might be ready to step into 3rd line.

Still letting them play and seeing what we have (while keeping cap space open) is a better choice than giving out Long term Deals for a player coming off a down year for a high price.
I know you never mentioned those players, but you also said we have kids waiting in the wings. I simply questioned who those kids are that you're referring to. I don't see a plethora of high end talent ready to leap into the NHL.

it's not the end of the world but if the Redden and Nazzy signings don't pan out, or if Zherdov doesn't live up to potential we are pretty screwed for a long while.
If Zherdev doesn't pan out, we trade him next year. You can bet there is some team that would want him. Naslund is only on the books for two seasons, hardly a long-term debacle. On the same token, how is Jagr at two years better than Naslund at two years? What makes you think that Jagr was going to keep producing, and not continue on his own decline? Re-signing Jagr would've been just as big of a risk as signing Naslund.

Also I have stated this many times before, I hated signing Drury and Gomez as soon as it happened. sign one that's fine but not both. I don't even care which one was signed. We had a need for 1 center. Both could have filled that need. Signing both actually exacerbated the problem b/c in the end now we needed a first line center and a change in philosiphy.
I've said this before, but I hardly think Sather intended on landing both Drury and Gomez. I'm pretty sure it was one or the other and he wound up with both of them accepting his offers.

Granted the end of Jagr era was going to end. but I really believe he had two solid years left of hockey. and nobody said that we wouldn't be bringing up new blood, b/c there would still be some room. 1-2 top line wingers, and 3 3rd line wingers, and of course the entire 4th line would be pretty much open competition.
Jagr might have had two more years left in him, but he shot himself in the foot by making demands for his contract. If he wanted to play that badly, he should have taken a paycut considering his production was falling.

I'm not complaining about the Zherdov trade. It was a good trade. But we wouldn't have needed it if Jagr was still here, if we didn't sign both drury and gomez. One thing lead to another, which lead to another. it was a chain reaction.
You said we were "forced to trade away Tyutin and Backman." I guess I misunderstood your feelings about that.

We have Prucha, Dawes, Cally, Orr, Betts, Korps, Ani, Jessiman, Byers, Moore, Parenteau, Jamtin fighting spots as well. if they couldn't bring themselves to compete against each other than we have more problems than I thought. There was absolutely no need for either. Especially now since we got Fritsche as well. If we signed one not that bad, but both was just ********. Again a knee jerk reaction. We needed some size up front so lets sign two bottom feeders. But we have players in the minors more than capapble of filling out the bottom 2 lines.
Slats and Renney obviously aren't as sure of the development status of our youth as you are, but frankly I have to trust them on this. What if guys like Byers, Moore and Korpikoski play on the 4th line and can't hack it? Then what? At least now we have guys with NHL experience that are available. That's important.

Wrong. Sometimes you just trust w/ what you have. Look at Colorado. they let go of Kariya, Selanne, Forsberg, Tanguay over the years and really have just replaced them w/ youths who are doing just fine. Detroit lost Shanny, and Hull over the last couple years and they filled their forwards from the inside.
And Detroit had guys like Zetterberg, Franzen and Datysuk to step into those roles. We don't have those kinds of prospects.

also we wouldn't be in the same exact situation as this offseason if we signed Jagr and Straka to one year deals (using your example). our players would have one more year experiece. We would know more of what they are capable of, which in turn would let us make wiser decisions regarding FA. Plus our players in the AHL would probably get a little NHl experience and at worst would have another full season of AHL so they would be more prepared to make the jump.
Jagr didn't want a one year deal, I was just making a point. I wouldn't trade a season of positive change for one more season of mediocrity.

yes there are tons of possibilities but the way Sather is running things it looks like he is going back to his old ways. Giving out LTC's at high $ to players who don't deserve it. We now have alot of money locked up and we still don't have any of our young players locked up yet long term besides lundy. In the next 2 years we have to re-sign Dubi, Staal, Ani, Korps, Zherdov, Girardi. hope the cap keeps skyrocketing b/c if it doesn't we are in a world of hurt b/c of NMC's and limited NTC's.
Naslund will come off the books in time to sign Staal. Dubinsky isn't getting a huge raise that can't be covered by Prucha not being resigned. What possible sort of raise are Korps and Anisimov going to get if they've only played one season in the NHL? We aren't going to have to come up with huge contracts for these kids. Zherdev is the only one you're going to have to worry about, but even then he probably won't get more than a 3yr/12 mil deal unless he has a breakout year this season. Some players will also have to be moved out to make space for guys like Cherepanov and Sanguinetti.

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