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07-22-2008, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
ok i'll give you that. and it was a trade that I think is a good trade.

yes I did want them to keep Nyls. I don't know that Sunding would work w/ Jagr, but on the other hand how do you know Nazzy and Zherdov will mesh w/ Drury and Gomez. i'm making an educated guess the same as you. What guarantees that anybody stays healthy. Nazzy getting up there in age as well. he could get injured next year. And about the cap I wouldn't have signed Redden and just let Staal and Rosy take the first pairing hopefully Staal would keep growing so fast risky yes but less risky than a 6yr deal. So they would have fit under. Plus under my whole scenario we wouldn't have two $7mil contracts we would only have one of Drury or Gomez not both.

But the problem is is that Gomez and Drury aren't players to build a team around. they are complimentary players. Plus it's not all bad to build around a team of older players. Stars do it w/ Modano, Colorado does it w/ Sakic, Anaheim did it w/ Selanne and they are all serious teams. Heck Detroit does it w/ Lidstrom, montreal does it w/ koivu and kovalev.

jagr and Sundin even at their age are still better players than Gomez and Drury.

and again please stop w/ injuries. Drury and gomez both had injuries that affected their games last year. how do we know that it won't happen again. We don't so I'm not going to bring it up. injuries happen and its part of the game, but niether jagr or Sundin really have a medical history to worry about.

the reason i brought up injuries was because sundin has hip problems and before this season was considered on the decline....not exactly the player, who at 38, who i want my team built around...

teams sometimes build around players who are older, but not as old as jagr and sundin......the stars built their team around in your face hard forechecking team.......anaheim built around their defense with niedermeyer and pringer who, arent young but werent as old as sundin or jagr........detroit built their team around zetterberg and datsyuk and lidstrom....but lidstrom is a freak of nature

that is your opinion that sundin and jagr are better than jagr and me i would rather have drury and gomez and have a longer window with those two players than 1 or two years of sundin and jagr....

again, i was just pointing out the fact that as some players get older, their styles of play catch up to them....power forwards are like that....sundin is a prime he good when healthy?...yes......but he hsa serious hip problems that could act up at any time

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