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07-22-2008, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
I would say that one instance of it happening doesn't make it a rule, and actually planning for it to happen is dumb. It's not how you build a team.

Regardless I'm an admittedly highly opinionated person and don't deny that I have been wrong once or twice before. I'm certain that if I went through your posts I'd find you've been wrong before too, there's just less material to go through.
Arguably theres something that needs to be said about this whole thing and how the opinion of this board is rarely "on the money" about a player real value and progress. Many here are often overly optimistic or overly pessimistic about prospects in general.(not pointing you out specifically, to the contrary.)

Since I joined this board, I always talked about the "opportunity" factor for hockey prospects. It was my firm belief that Andrei would rise up quickly once given the opportunity and he did, it's always hard to predict how a hockey player will progress but it's even more random and difficult to know when he will get the opportunity. For Andrei I have always felt that the organization waited to long, in the end, it doesnt change a thing. Sergei however, was given a spot terribly faster, theres probably a bit of fate in that, if Ryder would have played decently last season Sergei would still be an AHL prospect atm.

As for Andrei's top end upside, I think it's pretty hard to say at this point, because what he needs to fix in his game is basically improving his self-confidence, only time will tell. He can end up anywhere from a 60 pts player to a 100 pts player.

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