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06-12-2004, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
I think that you are not doing Q justice by calling him that. His teams play a tight system where the offensive stars are not excused from playing defense. His teams play VERY HARD every night, and play VERY physical every night. No one is allowed to take as much as a shift off.
Say what you want about Q, but he rules his team with an iron fist and his players do not dare deviate from the gameplan. He is anything but a "soft" coach.
When I said Coach "K" is a players coach, I ment that he is a coach players like playing for. Coack "K" does crack the whip, when he has to. He wants to win more that the players do. He sticks with a system and the players like the fact that he knows what it takes to be a contenter! McGill hasn't won a thing at the NHL level. The team he had in Hartford was one of the best and he didn't get them to the finals. Hey I'm not knocking McGill, he shows promise (he may be a good AHL coach, I don't beleive he is ready to make the jump to the NHL level),but I don't want him to coach a Ranger team that needs to be shown how to win again at the NHL level!

Coach "Q" is what we need. If we hire McGill and he doesn't work out, we blew the chance to hire a really good coach.
Remmember Trotts and Hitchcock , lets not let history repeat itself.

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