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07-22-2008, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Habmaster View Post
Im really into obscure beer I guess - they always seem to be commented on at parties and such - here we go..... (note: I like my beer ice cold - like to the point of almost slushing in the bottle - and always bottle - no exceptions)

Tsingtao China (4.8%) A little lighter than I like in taste, but fricken awesome when ice cold. Crisp with litter aftertaste.

ZhuJiang China (5.3%) Malty but a real clean aftertaste. Ice cold is key.

Yang Jing China (5.0%) Slight aftertaste but really tasty.

Peroni Italy (5.0%) Delicious fricken beer - enough said.

Phillips Raspberry Wheat Ale Victoria, BC (5.0%) Tops in my book - only around for the summer here, but wish it was all year round - good even warm! you know that scene from Shawshank when they finished the tar on the roof and they are drinking beer? remember how good it looked and how good it must have tasted? thats what this beer is with every fricken gulp.

i actually tried a Tsingtao last week at a resto in chinatown.
it was ice cold and it was very good. sippin on a Corona right now!

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