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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
What kind of paper what that written on? The same kind of paper that put us as not qualifying for the series and made us a team with no offense?

Dont prove it on 'paper'; prove it on the ice. We trounced the B's all year long and the only reason they took the series to the limit is the desperate goon tactics that almost payed off. This wont happen this year.

Bergeron is a great player but he must play a full year and not get injured and since he's good he will be the target of a lot of hits, thats the nature of the game.

The B's play a very physical game that exposes their bodies to a lot of injuries and also exposes their best players to retaliation, and its not Lucy the Cross-Dresser or Shawn 'wait for me' Thornton who are going to scare anyone in this league.

so let me get this straight with thomas in nets and a 2nd line that includes sturm and whassisname from calgary - the guy who injured his leg - this is a team that is 3rd on paper? did ryder make a plane and float it from the press box with that paper? what is there beyond chara (maybe wideman) on D?

i don't know about the lot of you, but i watched most of the B's games on the insufferable NESN and they ain't a 3rd place team on paper. further fulien's play-not-to-lose system is going to wear thin.

they work hard, i give them that, but Clod's getting canned if he doesn't let the guys who can skate on that team play with a bit more flair. kessel, ryder, savard, etc are not made for trapping hockey.

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