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07-23-2008, 08:36 AM
DJ Nikita
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I was laying in bed thinking that Vancouver may be the last team that has a shot at Sundin.

Here's what we know.

If it was all about money, he would've signed in Vancouver already.
- Vancouver's offer is the highest monetarily. This is what they have to offer above all teams. Sundin dismisses that the most money is what matters.
He's pretty sure he's not going to play in the Olympics
- Vancouver made some weird ploy about defending the gold medal for Sweden in Vancouver. I dunno how this makes sense, it seems like a stupid reason to me but Sundin goes out of his way to state that it's most likely he won't play for his country again.

So, Sundin has specifically sent out two big messages that Vancouver's offer and ploys, the big two, have no affect on his decision on where to play.

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