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06-12-2004, 03:38 PM
Jon Burke
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Originally Posted by Kafka
There are other goaltenders that cost 6 times less that could make the job...... they just need a tryout. ex: Kiprussoff.
OK, the key word here is "could". There are indeed goalies who *could* do the job for Tampa Bay, who *could* win a Cup, but the Bolts have someone who has proven that they can do the job, that they can win a Cup. Khabibulin is proven, and what makes you think that a team who won the Cup just a few days ago and has a young core in place that could compete for the Cup for years is willing to tear their team apart and take a HUGE risk and acquire an unproven goalie.

Just because acquiring Kipper worked out so well for the Flames doesn't mean that the Bolts could have similar success. The Bolts would be nuts to trade Khabibulin, a proven goaltender, for an unproven goalie. It would be absolutely ridiculous and a PR nightmare. No it's just not going to happen, I'm sorry.