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06-12-2004, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Hoek
The funny thing is these guys bend over backwards to claim that Iginla is the classiest player in the league. Jarome says all the right things off the ice, but what about the major F-bombs he was dropping on the refs night in and night out when things didn't go his way? Martin St. Louis gets body slammed, cross checked, carved up by high sticks, and he never cusses out the refs with the vitriol Jarome Iginla did in the Finals. So tell me what's classier? Honestly Lecavalier and St. Louis should sue some of you dolts for libel for the total BS you spew about them. Please please PLEASE take a look in the mirror and see what poor sports you're being about what happened in the Lightning/Canadiens series. I know you're better than that.
To sue for libel, these particular comments would have to be made in print, and not on a message board... You're way off base here. Iginla was swearing because his team got a penalty with 1 minute left in game 7 with his team down by one. Who here would not have sworn at the ref if put in the same situation? Besides, the hit he took wasn't even a penalty, which is why he was so mad. And why would a ref call a penalty with that situation? It's just a case of a smaller player having his head down and taking a beating for it by a bigger player. I don't think that was a penalty, and neither was the one Pratt took that Calgary scored on the PP. It's sad that such refing like this happens in such an important game.

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