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07-23-2008, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Black Label View Post
I sort if agree with you although i would switch Phoenix for LA since i think that they are going to be better. I'm also not sure about them winning the cup before the Pens but i think that they may have a better team in the future since they are much more balanced (Pens may try to balance their team a bit more but it won't be as easy with guys like Crosby and Malkin locked to big contracts) . Pittsburgh has a great and elite core and no one can deny that but i think that Chicago and LA may have an even better since they have more depth at the other positions.
Not only do they have elite fowards, but they have an elite Goalie with the way he played down the stretch which is most important. None of the other teams mentioned has a proven solid Goalie, except PHO with Bryzgalov maybe.
As the cap keeps increasing(speculation, but a realistic one), the contracts to Crosby/Malkin will seem like a very nice bargain, they already do, so one can say they'll look like 2 discounts.
They will be able to solidify their D which is what really cost them the cup, not their Offense.
One of Crosby/Staal/Malkin will have to be converted to the wing as well because you can't keep playing such a talented guy like Staal as a defensive center. They have to give him top line minutes.

I think its very foolish to say CHI and LA have a better chance at winning the cup than PITS. We know for a FACT, Pittsburgh has a great chance of winning it with a few adjustments.
CHI and LA have to start by getting their teams in the POs next year. I think CHI will make it if Kane/Toews stay healthy, PHO might have a decent chance of making it too, but LA will be playing golf early next year again.

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