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07-23-2008, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
GP, What Buffalo did with Bernier after the fact is completely irrelivant. They could've traded every asset they got for a bag of magic beans immediately after aquiring them, and it wouldn't change the fact that the Sabres got Steve Bernier and a 1st for Brian Campbell.

The market has pretty much been set for high end rental players in the last few years:

Brian Campbell - Bernier, 1st
Ryan Smyth - Nilsson, O'Marra, 1st
Marian Hossa (with Dupuis) - Esposito, Armstrong, Christensen, 1st
Adam Foote - 1st, 4th

I'd expect Bouwmeester to bring in a return somehwere in between what Brian Campbell and Marian Hossa got for their teams. Buffalo may have even done a little better given that Bernier had achieved more in the NHL than Espo and Christensen, and had a higher upside than Armstrong (though not as good an overall package, but Campbell is no Hossa either).
Wouldn't it be smarter to move J-Bo now and hopefully maximize his value rather than waiting to the deadline where you're likely to get late 1st round DP's & suspects rather than someone who can step right in and contribute.

I'd think that JM could get a solid replacement for JBo now rather than waiting. If he was willing to sign LT in Chicago something like:

Seabrook, Lang (included for cap purposes), Brouwer or Blunden, CHI 1st round DP

That would give you a young top pair d-men (with a lower ceiling than JB), a decent prospect, a 1st, and a short term cap hit that is still productive (50+ points and a + player on a marginal team last year without Havlat pumping up Lang's #'s).

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