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06-12-2004, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Kafka
You can be sure that most of the canadians here know that... this sport is no.1 here. ;-)
Wow, so funny

Now, here is something that was published in montreal:
Why on earth do they care up in Montreal what Tampa's payroll is going to be??? I find that bizarre that anyone in Montreal cared enough to put that chart together. Are you all trying to find players to snap up off our roster?

Anyway, two points:

1-And this is totally OT, but since certain people like to bring it up in every thread regarding Tampa: the only people still complaining about the Game 6 non-goal are fans of teams Tampa beat (excluding Flames fans, who seem to have more tact) or fans of rival teams. Enough said about that.
2-The GM and the Team President have both already said they'll pick up Khabibulin's option. As someone else has pointed out, it's only $1 million over what he made this past season. Why is it OK for other teams to have a goalie who makes that much, but not OK for Tampa?

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