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06-12-2004, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ax˛+bx+c
People like Malakhov don't understand the game, plain and simple. If you make a ridiculous offer to Kovalev, he won't come back even if you make a better offer. The first offer has to be great, if it's too low you're humiliating the player. After what Pierre Gauthier has said about Kovalev, you can't offer something like 4 millions. He said that Kovalev is the kind of player that can give you the extra notch to push the team at another level. And with that, you want to offer him (he's a UFA after all) 4 millions dollars? Where's the diplomacy? That's very unrespectful to offer something that low to Kovalev. You start at 5.25 mil per year and you hope that he will accept in that range (within one million more). They're also looking for 3 years + contracts at this point in their career. They want a little bit more security. And prolly a no-trade clause (with a few teams where you can trade him). That's the way it works, newbie...
I hope you guys to be talking like that are contract negociation experts. I mean, you must have been there at least once.

Montreal has a budget and will make an offer according to that budget. If Kovalev is such a prima donna that a 3.5 million offer will "humiliate", I doubt he'll be back simply because he wont be a BG type of player.

BG will offer Kovalev whatever he feels he's worth for the Montreal hockey club. If that's 3.5 million, so be it. That's what Andre Savard was unable to do, and that's what cost him his job. You need to get the most out of every player (dollar wise).

Also, you need to ask yourself if Kovalev is a worthy investment right now. Do we have the team to win the cup? Is it time to continue to build for the future (3-4 years) or time to spend to win now?

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