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06-12-2004, 07:28 PM
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I've pretty much avoided this argument till now

But, it's time to add my two cents: I'm against hiring McGill.

I'm still not sure why Sather has been retained to fix what he in large part broke. However, since change at the very top is not likely, I don't want to see history repeat itself, yet again. Sather has shown that he prefers to have a coach that he knows--one he's worked with in the past. Further these coaches have worked with him in the past in lesser positions (scouting, assistants). Trottier was somewhat of an exception--but it was working relationship that Sather felt comfortable with, probably because Trottier didn't have the stature to question his boss' decisions.

We have no idea if McGill is capable of standing up to Sather or if Sather is even willing to give McGill enough authority to have real control over the team. McGill would have a very difficult choice if Sather butt in and tried to change a decision or disagreed with his stategies concerning players: does he fight back against the person who hired him in the first place and then promoted him to his dream job? Or is he afraid of what happens if he pushes back too hard and Sather blackballs him when he tries for a job in the future?

I want to see Sather hire a coach who comes from somewhere else--someone who made his reputation without any real influence from Sather. I want someone who has an independent power base who is his own person, not created and molded by Sather. Nothing against McGill, but running the Rangers bench is going to be more than about making sure young players play hard. It's going to be building a team from a group of players--most of whom didn't play in Hartford last season and many of whom didn't even belong to the organization before the trade deadline. And if the pundits are right, there will be plenty of older players from other organizations who will have to be integrated into "the system".

The more comfortable Sather is with his choice, the less happy I will be. Sather should be on the hot seat and there should be new blood among The Powers That Be.

Just my opinion, of course.

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