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06-12-2004, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Conservative
Absolutely agree. I think the ideal would be a ~35-40 million soft cap with a very high luxury tax, so the rich teams can still spend their money, but not as liberally as they do under the current system.

It sucks that Goodenow denied the report. That offer would be a GREAT starting off point and would definitely show that the PA is being flexible. If that offer had actually been on the table, I would be a lot more optimistic about a season next year.
The only problem Captain is that someone pointed out that a lot of contracts are set to expire at this year or have escape clauses in them in case of a lock out. Guess what, these players can give up their five or ten percent, invoke a clause in their deal, become free agents and renegotiate their contract. What the players union and the owners need to do are to look at things from a fan's perspective. What is right with the game, what is wrong, what it will take to fix the game, and are both parties willing to do what ever it takes to fix the game. I'll say this. Mark Cuban is one of the smartest sports owners I've ever come across. He said it best when in order to have a successful product, you have to make sure it's affordable in order for people to come out. That's the problem with the NHL. The games are no longer affordable and players and owners aren't willing to take a step back to fix things in order to move ahead. If you lower salaries by 10 to 15 percent, invest money back into the product, and make things affordable again, you will see the crowds return. However, they have to do something to market the superstars in the U.S. And that's Bettman's doing and he's failed to deliver in marketing his stars. I've got a funny feeling that he's going to be fired by the owners once the CBA is renegotiated. The biggest mistake the owners made was not getting a hockey man in there. I think Gretz or Mario would make a good commish. Hell, Mess would be a good one too.

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