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06-12-2004, 10:15 PM
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Thinking about Stanley Cup at this point will get us at the same point as we are now. I wouldn't bother thinking about winning the Cup for at least another 3 years.
The ultimate goal for ANY team is to build a cup winner. Which means you have to look 3 years {or more} down the road. In fact it's the inability to do that which has lead to our current situations.

Players like Tyutin, Stals, Moore, and Heerema have not put up the numbers that they should have.
Tyutin learned something far more important than putting up points, he learned defense. The points will always be there with his talent, it's making him a more complete player that will be the key to his future.

The Devils did that for years with Neidrmeyer. They taught him to become a complete player and in doing so it helped him become the norris winner he is today. Had they not, he'd get his points but he's be closer to Tom Poti than any norris winner.

As for Stals, the guy came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quick. Did it ever occure to anyone that maybe, just maybe he isn't exactly a blue chipper? Moore was NEVER the same after his injury and Heerema has been on a downward spiral since his draft day.

However for all that, you cannot deny that McGill did something that stands out more than ANY individual stat. He made them winners. He took a team {that let's be honest} certainly wasn't STACKED with prime prospects, and he made them winners because he understood the dynamics with which he had to work.

And also Quenneville won with many junk players like Yake, Eastwood, Richer, Pellerin, Finley, Rheume, McAlpine, Persson, Picard, Atcheynum, Poeschek, etc. His team had lots of injury problems over the years. And his defensive system made Turek look better than Brodeur. In 1999-2000 season his team won 51 games and nobody on the team had more than 75 points. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want him to coach here.
In today's NHL EVERY team has junk players. Look at the Stanley Cup Finals for proof of that. But if we're gonna play the name game, he also had Tkachuk, Weight, Demitra, Proinger, MacInnis, Jackman, etc. etc.etc. The guy had some PRIME talent level players.

His team did have injury problems, they also had players who were completly outplayed and outmotivated in the playoffs.

His defensive system worked because he had two guys who made it happen, MacInnis and Pronger. Between them they won at least two Norris Trophies and an MVP award.

It's not a matter of not wanting him to coach so much, as why go outside the team? Q was successful with {like or not} a lot of talented players and guys who could play defense. I'm sorry but a defense with Tom Poti and Dale Purinton isn't going to be there and unlike the situation that Q walked into, they aren't waiting for him to arrive.

The Blues and Rangers are two totally different teams who were in two totally different stages of development. St. Louis had the talent but needed that extra push to make them better. The Rangers are a rebuilding team. Now Martin was the ideal choice there but he's out of the picture.

To compare the Blues to the Rangers situation is asking for a major letdown.

The Rangers are a young, rebuilding team. This isn't the same team it was last training camp or the one before that. Now THAT was a situation for Q to step into. This is one is FAR different.

Will I cry if he gets the job? No.

But I think the Rangers are gonna repeat history all over again.

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