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06-12-2004, 11:03 PM
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Looking for a cup winner after 7 losing seasons is ridiculous, it is getting too ahead of ourselves. 1st step is establish a system and a hard working team and regain some respect. Then make the playoffs, then you can start thinking about making some noise in the playoffs.

Heerema was a very good scorer in AHL until he met McGill. Tyutin learned his defense in Russia. Moore looked good in the playoffs.

The only thing I am impressed about McGill is that his players were saying a lot of good things about him. But seeing the Wolfpack play I was not overly impressed with his coaching, system, offense, and especially powerplay. I don't see any player in his lineup that has overachieved much.

I was a lot more impressed with John Paddock, because he had 3 great seasons in a row and his teams produced a lot more offense, he even made Fata and Lundmark put up big numbers. This season top scorer in Hartford had only 52 points. That is sure a great defense, but the question is where the hell is the offense and the powerplay?

If we can get a sure thing like Quenneville, then we have to go for it. McGill can wait. Rangers have not had a proven (top caliber system) coach in over 10 years, to hire another one would be repeating the same mistake. Letting Quenneville slip by, would be just as bad as when we missed out on Heartley, Sutter, Burns, Hitchcock, etc. I can be patient with the young players, but after 5 or 6 crappy coaches I don't know how patient will I or anyone else be with a rookie coach. We can't afford another disaster. It is time to see some real results and a real coach, not a puppet, not an old man who had success in the 80's, we need a great top caliber coach like Quenneville.

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