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07-24-2008, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghoste View Post
If Martin knows he can get maximum value for Bouw right now instead of the trade deadline and he is still sticking to his "no trade" guns, then you have to imagine that Bouw's camp has yet to give a definitive answer that they don't want to sign here long-term. If Martin thinks he has a shot -- getting the one-year deal in arbitration and playing through February -- to prove to Bouw that this organization is on the right path, then he'll take it.

And the way I'm looking at it is, no news is good news. Besides the "sources" saying Bouw doesn't want to be here, neither Martin nor Bouw's camp has stated this to be true. Until they do, I'll just assume that they're still trying to hammer something out.

I look at it differently. Martin is NOT going to come out and say "I have to trade J-Bo because he's not willing to sign long term." no matter way J-Bo and his agent tell him in private. If he says that J-Bo's value plummets. This is one of those situations that you have to read between the lines because GM's have to lie for the good of the organization.

1) Martin has very little leverage
2) J-Bo would probably be the biggest UFA signing to date.
3) It's not in Martin's best interest to communicate the facts if J-Bo has said he's not willing to sign long term.
4) In all likelyhood, the deals won't get better from the Panther's "on-ice" perspective over the next year +. (And by that I mean the longer this goes the more likely the return would be centered around assets that aren't immediately ready to contribute at the NHL level.)

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