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07-24-2008, 02:22 PM
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Jay B. is a franchise player (probably in the top 5 best present and future defensemen in the NHL) and his value could be compared to the likes of Pronger, Phaneuf and Chara. Campbell is a one dimensional player- a great skating defenseman and PP quarterback- but thats it. J-Bo is worth much more because of his potential on both ends of the ice. Look what Pronger did for the Oilers and Ducks, just with his presence they went from playoff borderline to a cup contending teams. Jay B will have the same effect on an up-and-coming team and will fetch attention from half of the NHL.

Pronger trade return- 2 Firsts, 1 Second, 1 top (then) Prospect=Smid, and 2nd or 3rd line farward= Joffory Lupul. So basically 3 firsts 1 second and a seasoned player, which is still underpayment. Jay could fetch more because other teams are very aware what this kind of defenseman can do for their team.

If Martin cant sign him long term, then he has to trade him. Teams will overpay for him just like they do for free agents. I say pull the trigger.

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