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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Signing Shanahan was a mistake #1, re-signing him was mistake #2. Drury is a great player, but we could not afford him. Thus, mistake #3. Without Drury and Shanahan we could have had Jarg and Nylander for two years. Jarg would have triggered this year and Nylander would agree to 3 year plus 4th performance based. If Jarg and Nylander were around, Straka might have stayed as well. That is how we would have a 1st line. Cuillen should be moved to the wing to compliment Gomez. He would be replaced by Zherdev this season. Avery- Gomez- Cuillen would be a heck of the speedy second line. HBO -3rd line. Prucha-Dubi-Hossa/ Callahan -4th. (Switch 3rd with 4th as you wish). All we would need to do this summer was to add Zherdev to the second line. That would allow the next year be departure of the 1st line, not this year. By that time we would have Russian Wave at the door steps. That would be proper bridging into 2009-2010.
Pretty sure you can't do multi year, performance based contracts. Nylander wanted a 4 year deal for job security and he wasn't willing to give the Rangers any kind of discount on that. Let's not pretend that the Rangers could have magically made it happen if they just really really wished it to be so

HBO is a terrible, terrible, terribly, TERRIBLE, third line. Just the fact that you penciled them in as a 3rd line is incredible, despite backing away from that somewhat in the next sentence. All of those players were/are fourth liners at best.

But going with your plan, the only real difference apparently is that next year, the Rangers wouldn't have Drury. Everything else ends up pretty much the same, if your scenario is followed. I don't doubt that the Rangers would have looked at some FA's (like Naslund) to fill in a lack of veterans in the lineup even if they followed your scheme to the letter.

Dunno, I see the team ending up in pretty much the same place as you want them to, in one or two years. Except they have Drury and not Avery, and didn't have Jagr for an extra year or so.

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