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I don't think Blackburn belongs in this thread because there is NO QUESTION he was an NHL player and would have been an Allstar. I will never forget his 43 save performance in Philadelphia with a putrid Ranger team in front of him on the last or next to last game of the 02 or 03 season. He was drafted in 01 so it was probably the 02 season. And I think he is not in the NHL and had those freak injuries because he was definitely rushed and the Rangers put too much pressure on him. I think they learned their lesson with him but then they overdid it with Montoya. Yet Montoya is not a bust yet, he might still become something for Phoenix I believe, but the truth is we gave him away for nothing unless Sjostrom breaks out offensively this year which I doubt.

Cherneski is another sad story. That kid had major offensive talent. Freak injury. Nuff said.

I'm not gonna name all of the usual suspects that really belong in this thread, we know who they all are. The Brendls, the Lundmarks, oh how about the overrated defenseman we sent to Florida in the Bure deal what was his name? Philip Novak? Man that guy was pimped out by Ranger fans so much. But so was every single mediocre prospect we had in those days. In fact I don't know who the hell was drafting and what they were thinking. We got nothing for years and years and years until Blackburn and Tyutin. I mean besides what we traded away. But even then it was ridiculous. Maybe it was our player development, I don't know. Which leads to the next paragraph...

The real head scratcher for me is Tomas Kloucek. I mean WHAT HAPPENED? He was great as a rookie. Really killed some people. And then the year later he was committing stupid penalties every now and then but I don't think he was terrible as much as the whole team was, yet he was banished. Somewhere in there I believe he had some sort of injury. He ended up in someones doghouse for whatever reason. Yet I didn't really follow prospects with that much detail at the time, I was just starting out so I don't know what the story behind Kloucek was but he was on the way up and suddenly the Rangers just sent him down and then traded him and then his confidence busted and now he's in the ECHL right? Where is he now? Someone with knowledge of it please tell the sad story of Tomas Kloucek.

The flash, the update, the whole thing!

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