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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Look, the only impact a coach can have on a team with so many new parts as we have is drawing up the big lines. Like set up certain fundamental rules. For example, stretch out the other team, then use the ice that opens up in the neutral zone. And to run certain very basic drills -- often the secret is to not be to advanced early on, thats something you hear from many national team coaches, they say that the key is to concentrate on certain fundamentals when they have a very short time to work with a team before a international tournament.

A well coached teams often got several approches. Diffrent types of outbreak plays et c. In hockey though, it can easily take a full season to implement ONE outlet play. To get one alternative to work well. If not longer.

There is just no way that you can expect us in NY to be as well coached as say the Red Wings. We can't even be on the same planet as them. Detroits coach is Mike Babcock. Hands up anyone who think Mike Babcock can get any other team in the league as well drilled as Detroit after in like three years? There is no way he could go to like Vancouver and have them play as Detroit in 3 years. That team have been built for two and a half decades. With continiuty. Always keeping vets on the team longer then anyone else would have so that they had time to pass the torch to the next generation. Yzerman have said on record how they only kept Larionov for one more year so that Zetterberg would get to play with him.

I think Slats have made a big misstake in not keeping the players longer who managed to make us a top 4 team in the east.

Now we have to start over once again. In 3-4 years it can be expected for us to be a well coached years. In 4-8 years it can be expected for the coaching of the NYR to have a real impact on the results of this team.

What happend after the lockout when Renney outcoached basically every coach in the east was a one time event -- he was ahead of the time and was one of few who read the impact the new rules would have on the game. We can't expect him to work that magic again when everyone now have seen what works.

Renney never outcoached anybody. This was Sather's doing, by bringing in a group of guys who played the season before and came out of a life long system they were familiar with. Letting the Czechs do their own thing is what I will give Renney credit for. We were able to hit the ice running while other teams were still playing "getting to know you", with the rules and each other. We were also blessed with Hank and a career year from Prucha. Nothing to do with great coaching stategy.

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