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Originally Posted by FrolundasFinest View Post
The best one I got is that me and my roomate actually had a sign in our kitchen during the season that said...

"Number of Times (Roomate) threatened to kill himself because of a Ranger Game"

There were more then enough tallies on that sheet by the end of the year. I am Rangers obsessed like everyone else here, but I always felt like that showed a level of devotion I could never reach.
God, that totally sounds like something I would do, haha...

Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
I was on a first date with a very nice, attractive woman that night. When the schedule came out I very nearly canceled the date, but I was convinced not to. Instead, I just had my roommate text me updates every 10 minutes or so.

There was no 2nd date.
And this. Actually did that in a movie theater during a shoot out I think with the leafs, needless to say my bf got pretty annoyed. even if he likes the rangers too.

Originally Posted by bagh View Post
I actually have a more recent one. It was during the first game of the Penguins series. I was sure we got the damn thing wrapped up after the 3 goal spurt when the Pens came back I completely lost it and started throwing anything within reach. Unfortunately one of those things was a tennis ball. the damn thing bounced of the wall and hit me in the face.
Ooooh Brutal, Karma is a betch!

Originally Posted by 9darter View Post
Hey smash, was it that "shopping budget = cap space" that triggered this?
No actually, I just thought wow I'm really pathetic after the ESP incident at the gym, and wondered if any of my HF'ers could relate.

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