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07-27-2008, 12:04 AM
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The first thing written behind your bus card: la carte mensuelle à tarid réduit est composée de la carte d'accès au tarif réduit et de la carte magnétique. You need to have both the STM carte privilège and your bus pass.

The only way you can contest it is if you have made your card but lost it, they can check in a regestry.... I know about that, I had 2 fines in the past 5 years... both times I was a full time student and had everything to prove it, but I hadn't made my card because I was too lazy and because usually the bus driver or the metro dude asks you for your card so you just pay the full price... but those ****ers started letting you walk in and ask you afterwards... and these ****bags usually tell you they want to explain you something and at the end they just hand out the fine.

I find this pretty ridiculous since there are soooo many people that simply don't have the right to the student discount and still travel with it.. they could have at least lower the fine for those who actually have the right to the student discount. It makes no sens to me that I pay the same fine than a 40 yo or a 20 yo drop out....

... So here's my advice to anyone who's about to take the metro without his student card: if you see metro cops on the otherside of the tourniquets pay the stupid 3$.. there's no way you'll talk them out...

Originally Posted by MastaK View Post
STM is not doing things the right way. Most of the time they catch innocent people, because people who know what they do is illegal will check if there are cops before entering the subway. I've been taking the subway since I'm 8 years old (10+ years) so I know just too much ways to fraud them. And when they do check IDs, either you pay if you're in a hurry or option #2 you go breath some fresh air until the next subway station. (again, people who don't know they're doing a fraud get caught and not the ones doing it by purpose...)

They should also fix the McGill station. It's far too easy to get in for free there. When I don't buy a monthly pass and need to go downtown, only one ticket is needed...

Buses. You can get on buses even if you don't have a pass, money or anything. The driver can talk all he wants, he doesn't have the right to get you out of the bus, and I've never seen one of them make a serious move to report someone to the police, and even if he did, how can the police have proof you didn't pay?
I've got some more...but I'll keep them for myself. Just to say, STM has alot of work to do.
Not true, usually a bus driver won't ask you for your student card (or even look at your bus card). If they do, it's because most of the time there's an undercover agent inside the bus.... a freind of mine got fined that way when he was like 17 years old.. he told the bus driver: Do I look 26, I'm still in high school... he got in, and got a fine 5 seconds later.

As for the rest of your commentary, I also know a lot of people who jump the metro or use fake tickets and cards.. I think it's not worth it. The fines are really high and the passes are affordable. Way too much trouble.

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