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07-27-2008, 12:04 AM
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First, for those disappointed that this is not more like the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, despite the similar titles, they have nothing in common. These last two Batman films borrow more from Miller/Mazzuchelli's Batman: Year One and Loeb/Sale's The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. The latter two especially show how Batman worked together with Gordon and Dent to take down the Gotham mob in an almost totally corrupt city, and how the power-vacuum that left behind allowed the Joker and the other crazies to move in and take over the Gotham underworld. "I believe in Harvey Dent" also comes from Loeb/Sale.

Possible villain foreshadowing for next movie:

Catwoman: From the exchange about making the Bat-suit dog-proof (forgot the exact line)

Mad Hatter: Remember the Joker gang member Dent tried to get information out of at gunpoint? Batman explained he was "Jervis Tetch, a paranoid schizophrenic". Jervis Tetch just happens to be the Mad Hatter's real name.

The Riddler: What's the biggest riddle in Gotham? "Who is Batman?" Well, we already have someone who solved that riddle and he's also unethical. Mr. Reese=Mysteries=Enigmas=E. Nigma=The Riddler

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