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07-27-2008, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Slick Nick View Post
Not true, usually a bus driver won't ask you for your student card (or even look at your bus card). If they do, it's because most of the time there's an undercover agent inside the bus.... a freind of mine got fined that way when he was like 17 years old.. he told the bus driver: Do I look 26, I'm still in high school... he got in, and got a fine 5 seconds later.

As for the rest of your commentary, I also know a lot of people who jump the metro or use fake tickets and cards.. I think it's not worth it. The fines are really high and the passes are affordable. Way too much trouble.
Yeah but when you're poor, you do the most you can to save money, every dollar saved is important, especially if you have the opportunity to do so and never get caught. Of course if you have the money, why bother?

For the McGill thing, I won't explain the procedures but it's pretty low risk. It's not as much trouble as you think. Now kids, the ones who do this are profesionnal so don't try this at your local subway station. To be honest, doing it is just as fun as playing an infiltration video game. Some people pay 80$+ to go play paintball and get the live feeling of being at war. At McGill, you can pay 0$ and get to play an infiltration game, live. Tom Clancy, here I come.

As for your friend getting caught, let's just say I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who used an expired student ID card for two years, taking the bus/metro everyday, and never got caught. TWO COMPLETE YEARS, even if the bus drivers sometimes argued with him, nothing concrete happened.

Once again, most of the time the ones getting caught are the ones who don't know they're doing a fraud, and that sucks.

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